Clover Plot Weed Control

Ben Rising discusses maintaining clover food plots. More specifically Ben’s explains how he institutes weed control in clover food plots through the use of herbicides. To control broadleaf weeds and grasses in clover you need a combination of a grass selective and broadleaf selective herbicides.


To control grasses in clover plots Ben uses Select Max (Clethodim) at 16 oz per 10 gallons per acre. To control broadleaf weeds in clover plots Ben uses Butyrac 200 (2-4DB) at 1 quart per 10 gallons of water per acre, which does not harm legume species (clover, soybeans, alfalfa). This mixture of herbicides needs to be accompanied by a crop or methylated seed oil to speed up and guarantee the herbicides process of working into the foliage of the weeds. Ben suggests 12 oz of crop oil to 10 gallons to mix with the Select Max and Butyrac 200.

These herbicides give the option to control all the weeds in a clover plot in one pass. This option presents the opportunity to add liquid fertilizers and plot sprays like Antler King’s Jolt and Plot Max.
Mowing is one way to control weeds in clover plots, but if you want a great stand of clover without mowing off food and moisture in the clover, herbicides are your best bet. These herbicides are not cheap, but a needed part of proper clover plot maintenance.

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