Ben Rising

Ben has lived in Ohio his whole life. He grew up in a rural country setting where he learned to trap, hunt and fish at a very early age from his father and family friends.

Ben was taught early on by working on local farms , sawmillls and helping his dad and grandfather that hard work was how you achieved goals and that laziness in anything wasn’t good! If your going to do something do it right !!! Ben has molded this attitude into his pursuit of Whitetail deer and anything else that his tags are good for.

Ben started logging at the age of 16 and started his own logging business at the age of 20 . He married his childhood sweetheart Melody in 1998 and they have 4 boys and a girl.

Ben started filming in 2002 for Drury Outdoors and continued till 2013. He has since started Whitetail Edge and has appeared on Bone Collector also .

Ben and Melody started Wicked Ridge Outfitters in 2012 in Ohio and continue to own and manage this brand name whitetail destination for fair chase hunts.

Ben’s passion is this Whitetail Edge show! He truly wants to help others learn how to Pursue and successfully harvest the deer your after.  Ben has written many articles on mature deer and has harvested many upper end deer including 2 bucks over 200″ and 9 from 173-194 with his bow .

Ben and family attend NewPointe Community Church in Millersburg, Ohio and love camping and baseball .

Chad Dial

I was born and raised in North Central Ohio being introduced to deer hunting at the age of 8 by my father. I was able to harvest my first buck at the age of 10 and from that day I was hooked on Whitetails. I’ve been fortunate to harvest several P and Y bucks with 5 that have scored over the 140” mark. All with archery gear! I was blessed in 2017 to harvest the buck of a lifetime, a 19 point 186 4/8” with two drop tines. However little did I know that was not going to be the highlight of my season as I was a proud father and husband watching my 7 year old daughter Payson being able to harvest 141” 11 point buck and my wife Julie a 153” 13 point buck with their shared Horton Crossbow in the same week! You can say chasing trophy whitetails is a family passion for us. My off season hobbies are Cleveland Indians baseball, helping with a local archery/hunting shop, and following Payson to all her activities! I work full time as a Highway Tech 3 for the Ohio Dept of Transportation and my part time job as a Firefighter/EMT for the Western Holmes County Fire District.

Glenn Eilers

I was born and raised in North Central Kentucky where I reside today with my wife Terie and daughter Reece. I bought my first bow, with grass cutting money, at age 13 and have been addicted to bowhunting ever since. Early on, I sent a lot of full-length 2219 or 2117 gamegetters sailing over deer’s backs, under their bellies, stuck in trees, etc. Throughout these trials and tribulations, I never got discouraged. In fact, it had the opposite effect and drove me further into this obsession. I hung out in a friend’s archery shop every weekend trying to absorb all I could from anyone willing to share. Thanks to all those interactions and experiences, I am still as obsessed as ever. In my 30+ years of bow hunting, I have been fortunate enough to harvest over a dozen Pope and Young whitetails ranging from the 140’s to the 180’s. When I’m not bow hunting whitetail or turkey, I am bow hunting something. I pursue rabbit and quail with my recurve in the winter and bowfish in the summer. I also like to work on bows and over the years have assembled the equivalent of a full-blown archery shop in my basement. Another passion of mine is passing it onto the next generation by taking my daughter and my friends’ kids hunting. The thrill and emotion of them harvesting an animal takes me back to when I was a kid.

Wes Feldner

I’m a city-slicker turned country-boy who’s still relatively new to hunting. I’ve enjoyed spending time the last couple years behind the camera working with Ben and the team to produce Whitetail Edge. Every once in a while you’ll catch me on film but, for the most part, you’ll find me on my laptop designing graphics and the developing the website.

Cody Griffin

I was born and raised in Southeastern Ohio and formed a passion for the outdoors at an early age. Whether it was working on the farm, hunting, or fishing I just wanted to be in the outdoors. I was fortunate enough to harvest my first whitetail when I was twelve years old, which was 135” ten point, and from that moment on I was addicted to whitetail hunting. My love for bow hunting started when I bought my first compound at the age of 16. Since then, I have been very blessed to have harvested some great whitetails, my biggest being in 2015 scoring 189 4/8”. I am truly obsessed with chasing and harvesting mature whitetails, but in the off season I enjoy turkey hunting, musky fishing, farming, woodworking, and spending quality time with my wife Emily and our three daughters Addysen, Kaydance, and Kenslee.

Holden Holland

I was born and raised in Southeast Ohio and grew up in the woods my whole life after my father introduced me to the sport. I developed a love for the outdoors at a young age and became addicted to bow hunting after I killed my first buck at age seven. Even though my passion is hunting mature whitetail, I also enjoy turkey hunting, musky fishing, and coyote hunting in the off season. In 2012 I married my wife Kaelee Griffin. The Good Lord has blessed us with a son, Landyn, and daughter, Lynnlee, and we are currently expecting our third child, another boy, due to arrive in May. We currently live in Lower Salem, Ohio on our farm and run beef cattle.

Kyle Kinsey

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Jim Snow

Born and raised in whitetail-rich Coshocton County, Ohio I took my first deer at age 10 hunting with my grandpa and I have been hooked ever since. I was a gun hunter only for several years until I figured out the pleasures of bow hunting. I was suddenly seeing many more deer with a bow in my hand instead of a gun. It has grown into a true passion of finding and pursuing big-racked bucks.

Corey Meinke

As a boy I was not brought up in a hunting household. At the age of 12 I bought my first bow, patterned 3 does coming into the neighbors corn field every night, and killed one from the ground opening day. And so began a wild ride! My son, Hunter, and my wife Jacoby are the most important parts of my life, but I live, eat, sleep, and breathe whitetails 24/7/365. I find nothing more satisfying than patterning specific bucks and giving them a place on my wall once they reach maturity!

Javin Mullet

Javin Mullet and his wife Sheryl live in the small town of Sugarcreek OH, where he grew up most of his life on the small family farm. His love for the outdoors started at a young age with his dad during Ohio’s week long gun seasons. This quickly progressed to an obsession of spending time in the woods hunting deer and turkeys. At the age of 16 he bought the most expensive camera he could afford and hit the field filming with his cousin Michael Mullet. This led to a passion for outdoor film and brought him to where he is today. He enjoys filming for others and just spending time outdoors with family and friends.

JD Piatt

JD resides in Ohio with his wife Robin and youngest son Zander. After raising 4 children, JD understands the value of hard work and determination to provide for his family. JD is the 2008 World Champion Coyote Caller. His tremendous success as a proven expert in predator hunting has lead to his relationship with ICOtec , manufacturer of electronic predator calls, where he serves as Customer Support Manager. JD also manages a team of pro staff and helps the company with product promotion. Don’t be fooled with all of his predator history, he also is an accomplished Whitetail hunter with a fine library of quality hunts under his belt. JD strives for perfection with his expert videography, post production editing and professional hunting capabilities.

Thane Piatt

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Melody Rising

Ben married his grade school crush Melody in 1999 and together they have four sons and a daughter. Melody has also smashed some awesome bucks with her bow on film. She is currently a successful real estate agent and land specialist for Whitetail Properties. Melody has supported Ben through thick and thin and been the glue that has made Wicked Ridge Outfitters stick together and continue to grow.

Chad Spangler

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