How to Create Mock Scrapes

In this episode of Booner School, Ben shows how he creates mock scrapes on the edge of a food plot.  There’s a common misconception on deer scrapes and that they’re only good for just the rut. Whitetailed deer communicate via there orbital gland and interdigital gland scents 365 days a year. With this in mind Ben plans to have two primary scrapes, one on each side of the field/food source for either wind that may occur.

If you can’t find the proper setup when creating a mock scrape site get creative by attaching a limb (pine, sassafras, etc.) or grapevine to an already existing branch and scrape the ground directly below.  As far as deer scent choice Ben recommends Black Widow Deer Lures Matriarch Doe or Scrape Master scents.


Ben’s tree stands have already been set on both sides of the field and the combination of the new mock scrapes and camera setup will help provide intel as to what bucks are using the setup. Once that information is attained Ben will be able to make a game plan for hunting the area.