Deer Food Plot and Kill Plot Setup Strategy

On this episode of Booner School, Ben Rising discusses how he plans to set up a food plot for deer that works with his hunting strategy, access, and stand sites. This deer hunting and kill plot strategy and planning is how you make deer come to you.

Ben’s strategy is to use two fields that neck down to about 20 yards to his advantage in funneling deer. Where the fields come together and empty into a 30 acre CRP field there happens to be a couple big multiple stemmed cherry and hickory trees that make a perfect tree stand or tucked away redneck blind location. With this in mind, Ben plans to plant Antler King® Slam Dunk or Honey Hole mix with a drill to create a kill plot. The food plot species in these mixtures will pull deer into the plot during the hunting season and with Ben’s mowed access trails, should provide ample hunting opportunities. 

This deer food plot and kill plot strategy will work anywhere. A nearby bedding area, CRP field, and kill plot that funnels deer movement by trees or a location where you can hunt will always be deadly.