Summer is gear time.

It’s hot and humid and fall is still a long time off however many hunters are still dreaming of hunting season and those dreams often center around gear this time of year. Whether it is maintaining your gear or upgrading to the latest and greatest now is the time to think about it- not a week before opening day. At Whitetail Edge we are serious about our gear but still don’t want to break the bank with every purchase. So we have partnered with some great sponsors that bring quality, affordable hunting gear to the general public. Check out a few of the categories below and our recommendations for each if you are in the market for gear this summer….. 

Mossy Oak
Mossy Oak does a little bit of everything, but what made them famous is there camo patterns and that’s why we love them. Summer is a great time to shop for those new hunting clothes and Mossy Oak has all the patterns you need no matter what part of the country you hunt. 

Rocky Boots
Sometimes boots are a second thought for hunters, but what’s on your feet can make or break your hunt. We have all been sitting in a stand on a freezing day with ice cold feet and it’s no fun. Or had our feet get wet on the way to our hunting spot and had to deal with that all day long. Rocky boots set the standard for hunting footwear, here is there link: 

Rogue Bowstrings 
Strings are an under-appreciated element of your bow setup. Rogue makes some of the highest quality strings on the market right in the heartland of Ohio. 

Redneck Blinds 
Unique designs and unsurpassed quality is why we love Redneck Blinds. They have bale blinds and elevated blinds for the heartland as well as blinds designed for the woods. 

G5 Broadheads 
It doesn’t matter how good a shot you make if you have a broadhead that doesn’t work your hunt is likely to end in disappointment. G5 has a full line of fixed and expandable broadheads that offer options for every hunters preference and setup. 

Spartan Cameras 
Spartan specializes in cellular and wireless cameras. These offer two main advantages. First is time saving as you don’t have to travel to your site to collect cards, etc. Second is that it allows you to leave your hunting spot undisturbed until you are ready to hunt! 

So now that you have some suggestions, check out these sites and start your gear wish list!