As the doldrums of summer crawl along, many hunters find themselves taking advantage of this time of year to participate in other outdoor activities and one of the favorites for many outdoorsman is fishing. At Whitetail Edge we love to fish and if you haven’t tried it yet, here are a few reasons to give it a shot….

Low entry cost
Relatively speaking, fishing has a very low cost to get started. You can buy a pole that is ready to go at Walmart for less than $30. Grab some hooks and nightcrawlers for a few more bucks and you are all set. So for less than $50 you can be fishing within an hour.

Public access is plentiful
Just like with hunting, private waters are often the most productive, but fishing has a much greater access to public areas. Whether fresh water or salt water public fishing access is pretty much available within driving distance of most Americans. One spot people away from the coasts often overlook is small waterways. By law in the US, if a waterway is “navigable” (meaning a stream big enough for a kayak or canoe) it is public property and therefore open for fishing to the public.

Fun of the whole family
Young kids often struggle to sit quietly for hours on end in the deer woods, so fishing can often provide a better intro to the outdoors for the young. They don’t have to be as quiet or still, there is often more action as you catch fish, and at the least they like playing with the bait! (at least my boys always did)

So head out this summer and give fishing a try. Just remember to check your local regulations and buy a fishing license where its required.