Trophies don’t always come in the form of a record animal. Sometimes its that first buck for your child or a special experience that makes a particular harvest memorable. Whatever the occasion, many hunters choose to have their animals taxidermied as a way to preserve those memories. But choosing a taxidermist isn’t necessarily as straight forward as it may sound. Anyone who has had a bad taxidermist experience will tell you that is true! So here are a few things to think about when you go to choose someone to preserve that special moment…

Taxidermy is an art form: If you are not a taxidermist you may not realize it, but serious taxidermist view what they do as art. There are even state, national, and international competitions where professional taxidermist compete with their work. So it’s a good idea to find someone who understands the art aspect of taxidermy as they tend to take more care and time in their work.

You get what you pay for: The price for a typical deer shoulder mount can range anywhere from $250 for your neighbor to do it in his garage up to $850 from a taxidermist that’s in demand. As with most things in life, the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. In most areas of the country you can find someone who charges $375-500 that can provide a very high quality mount that will last for a lifetime.

The components matter: The only parts of a deer that go into a mount are the hide and the antlers. Everything else on the mount is plastic or some other material and those components make a difference in how a deer mount will turn out. There are now many more choices and most hunters don’t realize that they can work with there taxidermist to pick these options. Ask you taxidermist if you can look at his taxidermy supply catalog to find the options you want!

At Whitetail Edge we are a big fan of preserving those special hunts via taxidermy. If you haven’t tried it yet, make this year the year you do!